Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kid's stuff

I was thinking of my niece's nephew Lincoln (mentioned in dispatches yesterday!) and how I love bright and cheery birthday cakes for little kids.
When I was little my old mum (she wasn't so old then) made all of us birthday cakes - there were 7 of us and we all got special cakes every birthday. There were rockets and forts and soccer fields for the boys; Dolly Vardens and flowers and gardens for us girls.

So hunting around I came across these bright and cheerful birthday cakes from Tahli's Treats in Melbourne.

Looking at her facebook page, Tahli makes a lot of the figures and other images using cut out fondant shapes stacked on top of each other to build up the picture. I quite like that method - it's effective for a kids cake. Bright colours, simple shapes.

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