Monday, September 30, 2013

21st birthday cakes

I have a son turning 21 this week (heck where did the time go!), however he's announced that he's going to have a party in December when it's the holidays. This is possibly good (I think) because it'll give me more time to come up with a cake.
So naturally I thought that this week I'd concentrate on 21st cakes for sons and daughters.

Jojo from Boutique Cake Designs by Jojo has some gorgeous cakes on her facebook page.
Here's a sampling of them.

First are a couple of giant cupcake cakes. The second one has guitars which is an idea, as my son is very musical and has a band.

Connor's not into cars, however this cake is brilliant for a wanna-be racing car son:

Quite an elegant cake and I love that big flower.

I love the simplicity of this cake and it's clean lines. Very nice.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cake doggies

 Today we are featuring John Quai Hoi of My Cake Delights. John came to the Cakeriffic expo and did demos at his stand as well as in the main demo area.
 Apart from being a great cake artist, he has an irrepressable personality which makes him a pleasure to watch.

A master of sugarcraft flowers, John also makes cute wee dogs which he demonstrated at the show.


(looking very serious here! lol)

You can find My Cake Delights at 219 High Street Preston where they have heaps of cake-making supplies to satisfy your cake adventures. They also run classes with local and overseas artists.

Here's their facebook page.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Obsession with cakes.

Good Monday morning.
Thought I'd share some photos taken of the 
Sweetest Obsession stand at the Cakeriffic expo in August.

Amanda Portelli  is a mum to 3 kids and lives out Doreen way in the west. She sells multiple-flavoured cupcakes at market stalls around the area and has a sweet obsession for making beautiful cakes, cupcakes and cakepops.

Beautiful display in pastel colours.

Gorgeous rainbow coloured iced cake 
with cake-pops to match.

All photos taken by 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Post-pirate day

I did enjoy Talk Like a Pirate Day yesterday, however, I did have to explain to a lot of people why I was talking "like that".

The following conversation occurred between myself and my son Connor via text messages:

me: Blow me down me bucko.

C: What?

me: Avast me hearties!
       Shiver me timbers!

C: Are you watching pirate movies?

me: No.
      Don't you know what day it is?

C: Cake day?

C: Pirate day?

C: Don't have to pay board day?

C: You pay me board day?

C: You buy me a Porsche day?

me: Aarr it be "talk like a pirate day" matey. Ye must be one of those sons of biscuit eaters or some sort of scurvy dog

C: Mum gives out expensive things to Connor day?

C: Sons of biscuit...

C: Omg mum

C: The cake show has finally cracked you...

C: Scurvy dog...

C: I think you've lost it hahaha

me: ye are a scallywag.

Just a couple of piratey cakes to finish off the week.
First one is from Antonella Di Maria Torte & Design:

And I like the clean lines of this one, however I couldn't find out who made it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Today's the big day!

Ahoy, me Hearties!
Avast ye - todays the day when we all get to talk like aarr Pirate, so batten down the hatches, hoist the Jolly Roger and splice the mainbrace me bucko!
All hands hoay, weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen for today's cake booty from  near and far.

Blow me down me Bucko, this one's got a hefty cutlass to cleave this cake to the brisket and scuttle it.

above from Jagode & Dinozavri

Blimey! Matey, this cake looks like it cost a few pieces of eight! You'll need a bit of heave ho for this one.

above from My Creative Way

Shiver me timbers me fellow seadogs, this cake's all shipshape, must have cost a lot of doubloons to make.

above from Sugarcraft by Soni

We don't want any bilge-sucking, landlubbers and any son of a biscuit eater or scurvy dog who tries to hornswaggle, well we'll keelhaul 'im, hang 'im from the yardarm with a hempen halter and make 'im walk the plank. 'e'll be shark bait and end up in Davy Jones' Locker. Savvy?

above from Designer Cakes UK.

Yo ho ho this one looks like a bit of a scallywag

above from Michelle Sugar Art

Blow the man down - dead men tell no tales!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

x marks the spot

Looking at many things Pirate today including treasure maps. I love a good map and the promise of buried treasure adds more excitement to the proceedings.

I like the detail on this  map cake found at deviant Art and made by Rita from Canada. This has all the elements of a treasure map including an active volcano.

This very bright one is by Andrea Vernagus of 

Photographed in a very atmospheric way is this map cake from Tina's Sugar Shack:

I found these cakes at the Huggies site made by mums. 
This one was chocolate layers with malteser canon balls and curly wurly rails.

This one above was chocolate cake mix. The island is crushed butternut cookies on a white frosting base and the rocky cliffs are crushed choc pieces. The treasure map is drawn on with an icing pen and then finished off with chocolate gold coins round the outside.

Had to finish off with this dead-cute pirate girl cupcake 
found at Yelp

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Avast Me Hearties!

Continuing on with the pirate theme this week, today's sweet offerings are Pirate cookies.
There are lots of pirate-face cookie designs and here's just a few of them:
Baked by Belle based in Melbourne, made this cute cookie pirate face with gold stud earrings.

Slightly different with a spotted head-scarf are these ones from Best Dressed Cookies  located in the Central Coast Region of NSW. 

Going offshore to the USA from The Taylored Life are these ones with pirate hats:

I like these ones with the "five-o'clock shadow" found here.

And here's a tutorial for making pirate-faced cookies from The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle

Also from The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle are these cookies. Love the treasure maps and ships.

Other ideas for pirate cookies could be ships, swords, treasure chests, maps, doubloons, skull-and-crossbones, 
deserted island, pirate hat, palm tree.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Getting ready for Thursday

Good Monday Morning.
I'm attempting to get back to where I was (prior to the Cakeriffic expo) with posting every day on the blog and featuring cake talents from here and overseas.

So to begin a new week, I'm very excited because this Thursday September 19th is "Talk Like a Pirate Day".
Arrr, I'm practising.

So (naturally) I'm featuring pirate cakes, cupcakes, cakepops and anything else piratey-cakey this week.

First up today it's going to be cakes.

Little Wish Cakes are based in Western Australia and have some gorgeous cakes for all occasions on their site as well as these Pirate themed cakes.

Here's their facebook address too.

From Velvet Cakehouse in Rosedale, Queensland comes this cute-as pirate cake for a wee boy on his birthday.

Melanie Dunlop runs Velvet Cakehouse and she also made this great pirate ship cake. The wood texturing is awesome!

Some of their latest cakes are on their facebook page.

Also from Queensland are these cakes by Sugar Siren Cakes, Cookies & Cupcakes Mackay

A slightly different take on the Pirate theme is to make a treasure chest rather than a ship as here. The bottom tier is a treasure map (I love maps). Great cake!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Competition winners

The winners of the GABO cookbook competition are 
Jacqui Agustin and Nicole Tschirpig.
Both these ladies were the first to guess Connor's middle name which is John.
A couple of other people guessed correctly, however 
Jacqui and Nicole were the first and unfortunately I only have 2 books to give away.
Girls, if you are reading this, 
I need your snail mail addresses please.