Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mum's 90th Birthday

We had my mum's 90th birthday party on Saturday and this is the cake that my niece Hana Owen made.

It shows a table with a pale blue cloth and plates of "finger food" all made from fondant. These are all things that my mum would always make for a party.

Starting from the bottle clockwise:
*smoked salmon blinis 
(wee pancakes with smoked salmon and cream cheese)
*curried eggs
*devils on horseback 
(prunes wrapped in bacon)
*tomatoes & cheese 
(tiny tomatoes with soft cheese between them)
*cucumber rounds 
(with sun-dried tomato on top)
*ham squares 
(layers of ham, cream cheese & with a pickled onion on top)
*savoury tarts
*salmon mousse (love that fish!) 
(the vegetarians favourite)
* and a wee birthday cake right in the middle

We put a candle on the wee cake and sang happy birthday.

All made from fondant (the "prunes" inside the devils on horseback were currants).

Really good job from an amateur home baker 
and Mum was very pleased. 
The toothpicks were whittled down from life-size toothpicks.
Fantastic job Hana Owen!

Friday, April 25, 2014


ANZAC Day - the day we remember and try to come to terms with how many young men and women gave up their lives in war. And how many served their countries regardless of which "side" they were on. 
They were all someone's son, husband, 
brother, uncle, nephew or friend. 

Anzac Day Cupcake by Rochelle Steer

As I mentioned the other day, my old mum turned 90 and flowers are quite popular for an older persons birthday, such as this cake from Donnas Designer Cakes.

I like this simple cake with an artist theme found here (although I'm not overly fond of the candles. lol)

Looking good at 90 is Betty White, and a beautiful cake 
made for her 90th birthday. 
I love the way the layers are decorated in different ways.

Have a lovely ANZAC Day and weekend.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

90 years old!

Anyone who gets to 90 deserves a celebration cake!
My old mum turned 90 on Thursday and so I have been looking at cakes for the elderly women in our lives.

At Imaginative Icing I found these two neat cakes:

My mum is an avid reader and an avid cook so both themes would be great for her. Basing your celebration cake on a person's hobby or sport is popular and solves the problem of just what to make, quite easily. 
There are tutorials on the net for all sorts of modelling including figures.
Google Polymer clay modelling too, as many projects are suitable for fondant modelling.

At Veronica’s Cornucopia I found this cake with flowers on it. Another popular theme for women of all ages (although I'm not sure about blue roses, but maybe the message is that the birthday girl is "rare". lol).

I do love the flowers on this next one from London Patisserie.
Very pretty.

For a lover or maker of patchwork comes this lovely cake from Fat Cow Cakes
Quite a simple solution and could be done in other colours - perhaps dark colours for a male birthday.

Have a great day and will post on Friday.

Monday, April 21, 2014

More Easter fun

It's Easter Monday and so I'm milking 
this theme for today too.

I've made these Easter baskets last Easter, but used those rainbow straps cut into thinner strips for the handles. Showed a bunch of ladies how to do them and kept forgetting to put the handles in before the rest of the stuff. Used green-coloured coconut strands for the grass.
These are a Bakerella design.

I really like these chick cupcakes from The Cupcake Blog especially the ones that are still hatching. Great idea.

Here's the same theme but with a cute hatching 

from the rear from Good to Know recipes

The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle always has some fantastic ideas on her blog including these huge bunny cookies which you hold in front of your face.

Make sure you check out all the other ideas on her page.

Ali Bees Bakeshop made these pretty decorated 
Easter Egg cookies.

Klickitat Street has a page full of Easter bunny cookies and making them using different cookie cutters.
This one has been made using a bunny head cutter. 

 Next weeks theme is "birthday cakes for old ladies".

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Okay so it's nearly Easter and a lot of people are going away and then there's the rest of us! lol.

I've been neglecting the blog and am back on it today to share some fantastic things I found on the net.
There's lots of themes for Easter - 
bunnies, baskets, eggs, chicks, crosses 
and lots of ways to do them.  

Who doesn't love a bunny. I reckon you don't even have to be an expert to make a good-looking bunny cake like these:


They make me smile with their simplicity 
and I found them here.

Always good for ideas, Bakerella takes you through a 
step-by-step tutorial to make these cute-as cake pop bunnies. The Chenille-stick ears are one solution for ears that stick up:

Cake Journal in the USA has a tutorial for these 
carrot cake pops, although you may have to find 
a substitute for the green part

I couldn't go past this fantastic idea from Hungry Happenings
This also has a step-by-step tutorial. Great fun and my favourite (have bookmarked that page).

Now I'm off to make some hot cross buns for tomorrow.
Happy Easter.