Friday, April 25, 2014


ANZAC Day - the day we remember and try to come to terms with how many young men and women gave up their lives in war. And how many served their countries regardless of which "side" they were on. 
They were all someone's son, husband, 
brother, uncle, nephew or friend. 

Anzac Day Cupcake by Rochelle Steer

As I mentioned the other day, my old mum turned 90 and flowers are quite popular for an older persons birthday, such as this cake from Donnas Designer Cakes.

I like this simple cake with an artist theme found here (although I'm not overly fond of the candles. lol)

Looking good at 90 is Betty White, and a beautiful cake 
made for her 90th birthday. 
I love the way the layers are decorated in different ways.

Have a lovely ANZAC Day and weekend.

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