Wednesday, April 23, 2014

90 years old!

Anyone who gets to 90 deserves a celebration cake!
My old mum turned 90 on Thursday and so I have been looking at cakes for the elderly women in our lives.

At Imaginative Icing I found these two neat cakes:

My mum is an avid reader and an avid cook so both themes would be great for her. Basing your celebration cake on a person's hobby or sport is popular and solves the problem of just what to make, quite easily. 
There are tutorials on the net for all sorts of modelling including figures.
Google Polymer clay modelling too, as many projects are suitable for fondant modelling.

At Veronica’s Cornucopia I found this cake with flowers on it. Another popular theme for women of all ages (although I'm not sure about blue roses, but maybe the message is that the birthday girl is "rare". lol).

I do love the flowers on this next one from London Patisserie.
Very pretty.

For a lover or maker of patchwork comes this lovely cake from Fat Cow Cakes
Quite a simple solution and could be done in other colours - perhaps dark colours for a male birthday.

Have a great day and will post on Friday.

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