Monday, April 21, 2014

More Easter fun

It's Easter Monday and so I'm milking 
this theme for today too.

I've made these Easter baskets last Easter, but used those rainbow straps cut into thinner strips for the handles. Showed a bunch of ladies how to do them and kept forgetting to put the handles in before the rest of the stuff. Used green-coloured coconut strands for the grass.
These are a Bakerella design.

I really like these chick cupcakes from The Cupcake Blog especially the ones that are still hatching. Great idea.

Here's the same theme but with a cute hatching 

from the rear from Good to Know recipes

The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle always has some fantastic ideas on her blog including these huge bunny cookies which you hold in front of your face.

Make sure you check out all the other ideas on her page.

Ali Bees Bakeshop made these pretty decorated 
Easter Egg cookies.

Klickitat Street has a page full of Easter bunny cookies and making them using different cookie cutters.
This one has been made using a bunny head cutter. 

 Next weeks theme is "birthday cakes for old ladies".

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