Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mum's 90th Birthday

We had my mum's 90th birthday party on Saturday and this is the cake that my niece Hana Owen made.

It shows a table with a pale blue cloth and plates of "finger food" all made from fondant. These are all things that my mum would always make for a party.

Starting from the bottle clockwise:
*smoked salmon blinis 
(wee pancakes with smoked salmon and cream cheese)
*curried eggs
*devils on horseback 
(prunes wrapped in bacon)
*tomatoes & cheese 
(tiny tomatoes with soft cheese between them)
*cucumber rounds 
(with sun-dried tomato on top)
*ham squares 
(layers of ham, cream cheese & with a pickled onion on top)
*savoury tarts
*salmon mousse (love that fish!) 
(the vegetarians favourite)
* and a wee birthday cake right in the middle

We put a candle on the wee cake and sang happy birthday.

All made from fondant (the "prunes" inside the devils on horseback were currants).

Really good job from an amateur home baker 
and Mum was very pleased. 
The toothpicks were whittled down from life-size toothpicks.
Fantastic job Hana Owen!

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