Friday, November 15, 2013


As you might know if you've been with me for a while, I like cake pops, so naturally today's offering is about cake pops that somehow involve the flower theme.

I love the delicate colours and decoration of these beautiful cakepops from De La Rosa Cupcakes in Perth, WA.

I think the petals of these roses are likely to be 
moulding chocolate. 
These are from Cake Pops and More in Cairnlea Vic.

These upside down pops are also from Cake Pops and More.

A slightly different type of rose are these from 
The petals have been piped on - very effective and quite simple to do.

Rather than a bunch of flowers, 
why not a bunch of flowerpots.
These were made by Cake Pop Creations in Perth, WA.

Sweet Empire in Cheltenham Vic, have these stunning full bloom rose cake pops on their site. I don't know how they did these - steady hand I suspect is part of it. Just beautiful.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

flower cookies

Continuing the flower theme and looking at cookies today.
I've searched and searched but have come to the conclusion that there are not many cookie-makers in Australia, so unless I can find some in the next half hour then it will all be from off-shore.

Kristen from Make Do has these simple daisy-like cookies on her blog which she made for her mother-in-law's book club.

These beautiful cookies are from Lizy B Bakes

Here's a closeup showing that beautiful decorative work in the centre of the flower:

Don't know who made these gorgeous blooms in a jar 
found here. Great presentation idea.

Arty McGoo, who is undoubtedly one of my favourite cookie artists (yes, artist!) has these lavender bouquet and bits on her facebook page:

She has a tutorial for the single spray cookies (the ones on the right) here.

Finishing off with these poinsetta flower cookies from Sugarbelle's Cookies. Made from lots of cookies the same shape and put together on a plate. Clicking on the link will take you to a tutorial for this one too.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Flower cupcakes.

Today's offerings are flower cupcakes.

Simone came to the Cakeriffic expo and had lots of examples of flower cupcakes  - she also demonstrated how to do them with buttercream piping.
I love the yellow and orange of these ones finished with the tiny pearl doodads (cannot remember what they are called):

These hydrangea cupcakes were also gorgeous:

And a beautiful basket of roses:

Another method for adding flower decoration is to make fondant flowers as in this example from Cakes by Josephine based in Cairnlea Vic:

And how pretty are these pale yellow flowers on cupcakes from Boutique Sweets by Anna in Taylors Hill, Vic.
It's difficult to see in this photo but they have a dusting of pearl glitter powder. Simple, beautiful.

It's raining here, however I hope you all have a great day and stop to smell the roses. 
I have two very big apricot-coloured roses on my standard rose this morning - very happy about that.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Flowers in the cake garden.

Been a bit sidetracked lately, so apologies for that.

This week I've really noticed the abundance of flowers in gardens and public places as I travel around, so I thought I'd focus on cakes with flowers this week.

This first one is by Blissfully Sweet Cakes from Putney near Sydney NSW. It's a first birthday cake and I love the bright colours of the flowers. Jacki Fanto the creator, says that the cake is strawberry/vanilla swirl cake. Yum!

I like the contrast of these big red roses against the animal-patterned decoration on this cake from 
Lyl's Sweet Treats in Cairns in Qld.

From Ethel Fetterly Artisan Cakes is this cake with a gorgeous spray of pink and white flowers.

Finally is this white cake decorated with an incredible bunch of proteas - all edible!
This was made by Janita Phelan who runs our kids' corner at the Cakeriffic expo. No training - just worked it out herself.
Below is a picture of a real protea.