Monday, November 11, 2013

Flowers in the cake garden.

Been a bit sidetracked lately, so apologies for that.

This week I've really noticed the abundance of flowers in gardens and public places as I travel around, so I thought I'd focus on cakes with flowers this week.

This first one is by Blissfully Sweet Cakes from Putney near Sydney NSW. It's a first birthday cake and I love the bright colours of the flowers. Jacki Fanto the creator, says that the cake is strawberry/vanilla swirl cake. Yum!

I like the contrast of these big red roses against the animal-patterned decoration on this cake from 
Lyl's Sweet Treats in Cairns in Qld.

From Ethel Fetterly Artisan Cakes is this cake with a gorgeous spray of pink and white flowers.

Finally is this white cake decorated with an incredible bunch of proteas - all edible!
This was made by Janita Phelan who runs our kids' corner at the Cakeriffic expo. No training - just worked it out herself.
Below is a picture of a real protea.

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