Wednesday, October 16, 2013

soccer cake stuff

Had a busy weekend and start of the week, so finally got back to the blog.
Big football weekend for the A-League here in Australia - we topped 100,000 people attending games over the weekend for the start of the season which bodes well going forward.

From Build, Sew, Reap are these soccerball cake pops which were imo some of the best ones on the internet. There's also a step-by-step as to how she made them which is a bonus.

From Bella Bakery Bellisima come these cute goalie cookies. Great idea for a variation on the ball theme.

These soccer ball cookies were some of the nicest I found from Baked Perfection

Kara's Party Ideas extended the soccer ball theme to include the "strip" - shorts and shirts.

(My team drew by the way). 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The round ball game cakes

On the eve of the start of the A-League football (soccer) season here in Australia, and being a Melbourne Victory fan and this being my blog, I thought I'd indulge my passion with a few cakes which celebrate "the beautiful game".

Cake Fields located in Dandenong, Victoria made these awesome soccerball cakes of arguably the top 3 teams in the English Premier League. The football club emblems are edible printed images.

From Scrumpalicious Designer Cakes in Lyndhurst, Vic are these cupcakes. Decorated in an easy-peasy way with edible images and lettering these would be great for any age soccer fan. Check out their facebook page for other cake designs.

Lauren Camilleri from Shut Up Eat Cake made this soccer ball cake with accompanying cupcakes and player 
- isn't he fantastic! Awesome job.
More piccies of other cakes they do here.

Caroline Springs, Vic, is the home of Springtime Cakes who made this soccer field complete with goals. Don't know if these goals are edible, however I have seen that done. 

Storytale Cakes have lots of cupcakes on their facebook page which includes these soccer ones.

Going offshore, I found this 
awesome football stadium cake here.
All edible except the white supports, which are made of wood.

Also had to share this cute cake for a goalie (a thirty-year-old goalie) from Jenny's Cakes in Ireland. Love this.

There will be no blog entry tomorrow due to me wearing my other hat. which is organiser of the "From Picture to Page" papercraft show. It's on this weekend, here's the facebook link.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Very particular work

I came across Particular Cakes whilst surfing the net the other day. Based in Springvale, Victoria, I was impressed with the quality of their work. 

How darn cute are these ladybirds/ladybugs. I love the way the cake pop ones are lined up at the back - it's like something you'd see in "Miniscule" (click on the Miniscule link for video of ladybugs)

This giraffe on a cake is so sweet. I love this too. 
(sideline joke: what is the definition of "giraffiti"? 
- very high up scribbling on walls)

How flamin hilarious are those sheep dancing across the back of the cake. Brilliant!

Go check out their other cakes on their facebook site. And give them a like tick because I reckon they are worth it.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bags of cakes

Hunting the net there are lots of amazing cakes out there and today I thought I'd feature bag cakes. 
Stopping by at Creative Cakes I didn't have to go any further - they have heaps of bag cakes as well as other amazing cakes which I'll share with you another time (or go along yourself and feast your eyes on their website or facebook page).

How good is this - shows the "real" bag and the cake bag. Brilliant!

For a backpacking wedded couple:

Sports bag, handbag, travel bag...

Creative Cakes operate from West Brunswick in Victoria. Here's their facebook page.

Monday, October 7, 2013

A black bird told me

Whilst surfing the net last week (in my "spare" time! lol),
 I came across Blackbird Cakes and was very impressed with their cake creations. 
So much so that they are our featured cake artist today.

Sharyn Frantz runs Blackbird Cakes which is based in Woodend, Victoria. Apart from wedding cakes they do novelty cakes and there are lots of them on their website.

Look at this totally awesome cake:

Murray Cod chocolate cake! Who'd a thought to put chocolate and fish together.grin.
This frog cake is another of their amazing cakes.

I guess when you eat this next one you'd be committing 
"foot-in-mouth". (groan!)

Had to include this next one, being a Victory fan and the soccer season starts this weekend. woohoo! (look out for me in the A-League tv ad - I went along on the day they filmed it and was part of the "crowd").

There are heaps more pictures of fabulous cakes on the Blackbird Cakes website and facebook pages.

Friday, October 4, 2013

21 yet again!

If you've been following the blog this week, you'll know that I have been featuring 21st birthday cakes because my son turned 21 on Wednesday. He's decided to have a party in November so I have a bit of time to think about it, find some cakes I like and then assess what I am really capable of doing.
Stay tuned for updates in November as the party looms. I'll take some photos and hopefully will not have to post it to "cake wrecks". lol
Anyway on to today's offerings (new topic next week).

If your son (or daughter) is a petrol-head then something like this Ford Escort MK II cake made by Captivate Cakes might be an option.

I love the retro decoration on the base of this cake from Cioccolata Bella of Prahran, Victoria. Gorgeous cake for a daughter turning 21.

This "single slice of cake" cake is by Cherrytree Bakehouse  who are just up the hill from me in Mount Dandenong.
A good idea which would suit a lot of birthday occasions.

This football (soccer) cake was made by Debbie's Novelty Cakes based in Narre Warren North, Victoria. 
Seeing as my son is heavily into soccer it may be an option. Plus I love that this was made for a girl!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Awesome 21st cakes

Today I'm featuring 21st Birthday cakes from 
The Cakes and Mrs Muir who are located in 
Kangaroo Ground, Victoria.
Looking at their website and facebook pages, they have incredible cakes. 

Lots of ideas here reflecting the hobbies and personalities of the people turning 21.

How awesome are these cakes.

Look at the detail on this one - right down to the tooling on the leather holster.

If I can make a cake that looks half as good as these 
for my son's birthday, I'll be happy.
Except...I won't be making this next one 
(with the "plumber's crack". lol)

Of course they have lots of cakes for other occasions which you can check out on their facebook page.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Sue Boekbinder from Crumbs Celebration Cakes sent in this piccie of a cake she made for a 21st. Just brilliant.

From Cake Culture located in Bundoora Vic, 
is this bright cake which with a change of colours might be okay for a boy too.

From Cake Love also located in Victoria 
are these awesome cakes:

So all good - I have a few more ideas for a cake for Connor who turned 21 today.
Happy Birthday my son.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

21st Cakes by the Spoonful

Looking around the net for 21st birthday cakes I came across A Spoonful of Cake. Two sisters, Michelle and Melissa make fantastic cakes from their base at Glengarry in Victoria.  

How cool is this cake made for a doctor or nurse. Brilliant.

Love these sporty ones which is an idea I could use 
as my son is heavily into soccer.

This one is nice too but more for a girl.

A Spoonful of Cake have many more cakes on their website and facebook pages.