Monday, October 7, 2013

A black bird told me

Whilst surfing the net last week (in my "spare" time! lol),
 I came across Blackbird Cakes and was very impressed with their cake creations. 
So much so that they are our featured cake artist today.

Sharyn Frantz runs Blackbird Cakes which is based in Woodend, Victoria. Apart from wedding cakes they do novelty cakes and there are lots of them on their website.

Look at this totally awesome cake:

Murray Cod chocolate cake! Who'd a thought to put chocolate and fish together.grin.
This frog cake is another of their amazing cakes.

I guess when you eat this next one you'd be committing 
"foot-in-mouth". (groan!)

Had to include this next one, being a Victory fan and the soccer season starts this weekend. woohoo! (look out for me in the A-League tv ad - I went along on the day they filmed it and was part of the "crowd").

There are heaps more pictures of fabulous cakes on the Blackbird Cakes website and facebook pages.

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