Friday, June 28, 2013

Mixed music for Friday

For today I'm presenting a mixed bag of musical yummy stuff!

Arty McGoo has these musical cookies on her blog site. I love the composers and the letters spelling out music.

Amelie's Kitchen in the UK has this bright and cheery xylophone cake for a young budding musician.

From Cake Central comes this old radio - made for an older rocker (more my vintage! lol)

At Cake Chooser this piano might be legless (could be a message there) but the interior is awesome. I'm guessing it's all edible - how darn shiny is that gold! 

Have a great weekend everyone.
Oh, also if anyone has any ideas for topics on this blog - cakes you'd like to see or particular cake/cookie designers you'd like to see featured, let me know on my facebook page.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

musical sweet stuff

More musical sweet things - just because I want to! grin.

Electric guitar cookies for the rock musician in your life from Couture Confections

And for the country music fan what about these cool acoustic guitars from Snack Bake Shop and Supply.

How beautiful is this piano cookie from You Can Call Me Sweetie

I love this idea from Glorious Treats of making drum lollie containers from stacked cookies. There's a full tutorial here if you need it. The trick for the rings is to bake them all as whole circles, then when they are baked and fresh from the oven, use a smaller circle cutter to cut out the centres of half of the cookies. 

I'm so doing this for Christmas!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

musical notes

The more I look at iced cookies, the more I love them.
The decoration of them is awesome regardless of the subject matter. These "musical" cookies from Cookie Craze have a casual look about them and those iced treble clefs have been piped with a lot of confidence.

From The Art of the Cookie comes these striking orange on blue musical notes. 

and these round cookies:

And here's a solution from Con-fec-tions for musical notes: if you don't have musical cutters, use another shape such as a heart shape or (as above) a square shaped cutter...

When I get time I'm going to do some of these for the lads.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

If music be...

the food of love, Cake on!

A piano cake complete with seat from Simply Cakes Melbourne:

Here's a solution for that musical person who has a talent in strings and keyboards:

And one for the piano player who likes pink found here:

Gotta run today - see you tomorrow.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Musical cakes

Having a musical cakes week this week.

Luna Cakes from Canberra have lots of awesome cakes on their facebook page, like this Jimi Hendrix guitar (how cool is that!)

and this fantastic set of drums:

Here's another great idea from them - a cassette cake!

I love the finish on their cakes and they have a lot more worth looking at including a couple of "book" cakes which I thought were a "novel" idea for a birthday cake!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Robots on the march

On the Kumquat Blog there are these neat robot cake pops. I think half the fun is finding the best lollies to use for the features (so kumquat may...)

I love the "graph mouth" on some of these from

I reckon I could make these with marshmallows, biscuits and...what? What are those stickie-out bits made from? 

This boy-robot and girl-robot are so darn cute from 

 The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle - this gal has taken some everyday shaped cutters and turned them into robots and very generously shared them. I like the use of just 6 colours - greeen, orange, grey, blue, black and white.

1. a
2. b
3. c
4. d
5. c
6. h
7. i
8. f+j
  9. e
10. k
11. g
12. b
13. a
14. j
15. l
16. c

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Not more Robot cakes...

...nope not more Robot Cakes - Robot CUPcakes!

Firstly from Hello Naomi in Newcastle NSW - who according to her bio is (appropriately for my topic) "a robot programming computer engineer turned cake girl" - comes these robot cupcakes which you can mix and match so they get different bodies and legs (a bit like that funny "split" book we used to have when we were kids). What a great idea!

Found these easy-peasy marshmallow robot cupcakes from a site dedicated to robots (I'm in heaven!).

And I also love these simple but sweet home-made ones from Prairie Hive by Alayna

Sheek Shindigs have this idea for robot cake toppers which I reckon involves a lot of square and round fondant cutters. 
Do-able I think.

I want these neat robot cupcake pans called "yumbots" from The Party Animal. Just fill with mixture, bake and decorate. 
The heads swivel too. How cute are they! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I don't care - I like em!

Yep - more robot cakes. I like 'em and it's my blog so there...! lol.
Here's one from the UK made by a mum who says that the eyes, ears and hands are mini doughnuts, the arms are marshmallows, legs and shoes are Swiss rolls:

Here's one looking a wee bit worried from the blog archive of Beth Soderland:

From Ciao Annie comes this robot cake in which they embedded a light box into the top of the robot's head.

I think that the appeal lies with the faces and all those coloured buttons and dials. They are so silly looking and at the same time so "human". 

Lots of robots here - some with lights:

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More robots

I can't get enough of these robot cakes - how great are they! I just love them.
There's so many that I like so I'm just going to put them all in 'cause I cannot decide which ones to leave out.

above - Topsy Turvy cakes in Utah, USA

Above from Bella Stella Bakery in Colorado, USA
Below from Jamie Heap at The Sugar Shack:

I love the look on the faces of these.

This one is by Mel who lives somewhere in Australia and has a blog called Baking Miscellany.

How funny is this red robot from Hurry Up Cakes - and she has some pictures of how she made it too.

This next one was made by a mum:

I've found so many robot cakes and they are so darn cute that I may have to continue this for the rest of the week!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sci fi week

I'm having a sci fi week of cakes this week (although I may get sidetracked if I see something that I simply must blog about instead).
I love sci fi movies and tv series - Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate (all the "star" thingies in fact. lol).
I read a lot but usually crime and spy novels. I don't think I've read any sci fi books; the ones I've read are probably more "fantasy" than sci fi. "Lord Valentine's Castle" by Robert Silverberg and "The Chronicles of Prydain" by Lloyd Alexander are some that come to mind.
Anyway back to cakes.

For today I'm featuring robot cakes.
Found this R2D2 cake from Comper Cakes in Mandurah Western Australia. It's chocolate marble mud cake and lots of layers of chocolate ganache. Yum!

From Imaginative Icing Co in England is this K9 cake - and I love that it is for a 40th birthday!

Steampunk meets robot in this next cake from Dreamday Cakes in Florida USA and again made for a man - one who enjoys building robots out of scrap metal.

How darn cute is that wee robot holding the tiny cupcake!

And this next one is cute too from Betty Crocker:


Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Alice

It's the end of the week - don't know whether to laugh or cry. The weeks are flying by and so much to do. 
Finishing the week off with more Alice stuff and this time it's iced cookies. I really like these ones from Ali Bees Bake shop.
Ali lives in Missouri and from what I can gather she does not sell her cookies, which is a shame because she has some awesome ones on her site.

Couldn't find out who these next ones were made by but found them on here.

The Art of the Cookie had this beautifully detailed one:

and also these (don't know who the maker is):

I hope you all have a great weekend whatever you are doing. I'm off to an afternoon tea tomorrow with some gals I haven't seen in a while, which should be fun. Enjoy!