Monday, June 10, 2013

Royal sweet stuff

Today being the day we celebrate the Queen's Birthday has given me the excuse to be completely and unashamedly royalist today!

Therefore I'm going with all cakey things royal - cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, cakepops and anything else that takes my fancy.

From CakeJoy (in the UK, naturally) comes this crown cake made for a friend's fortieth.

I like the idea of this next one - using crown-shaped biscuits around the edge of a cake. Looks easy-peasy to me and they also provide a template for the biscuit. This one's from Spoonful which is something to do with Disney.

Paisley, Plaid and Read feature these biscuits on their blog (don't know if she made them). They are so British I couldn't resist adding them here. Love the corgi dogs.

Sweet Lauren Cakes have these simple but elegant cakepops on their blog. I hadn't thought of piping onto cakepops - that could solve a lot of problems with designs that I think up.

Finishing off today with an old biscuit tin - why? 
Because I like it!

Have a lovely Queen's birthday everyone.

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