Thursday, February 28, 2013

Simply elegant

Googling around the net (as one does) I came across Studio Cake. They have all sorts of occassion cakes and I was impressed by the simple elegance of many of their designs.

I love this sweet wee elephant on top of this christening cake.

They also do dessert buffets with those gorgeous apothecary jars that are all the go right now (gotta get me some!).
Love their colours, love their stuff, a feast for the eyes.

For more beautiful creations that aren't on their webpage check out their facebook page. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our featured cake artist today is "The Cakes and Mrs Muir."
I'm sure a lot of us remember "the Ghost and Mrs Muir" tv series with Edward Mulhare as the ghost. I recall seeing the old old movie too (hesitant to admit that).
Well this Mrs. Muir doesn't make ghost cakes! Hers are real and beautifully decorated.
There are thirteen pages of cakes to look through!
Here's one of my favourites:

And something a bit "prettier in pink."
Mrs Muir also has a facebook page.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blossoms galore

This gorgeous wedding cake from Cherrytree Bakehouse in Victoria puts me in mind of early summer days and afternoon weddings in the garden.

Melissa is the artist behind some fabulous wedding cakes as well as cakes for all sorts of occasions. I love her cupcakes with messages in lacy wrappers.

Living in the Dandenong Ranges, Melissa has an abundance of flora to inspire her - from the natural Australian bush to the lush and lavish old-world gardens and numerous plant nurseries that flourish in that part of Victoria.

Check out Cherrytree Bakehouse website here and go look at her facebook page too for some of her latest creations (tell her you heard it here on Cakeriffic blog!)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Our first showcase

Hi Everyone, 
welcome to the Cakeriffic blog. 
For info on the show please note that the website is coming very soon and you'll be able to click on the logo to the right of your screen. Watch this space later in the week.

Bespoke Cakes has a wonderful repertoire of the quirky and traditional type cakes too.
Her facebook page is at:

Here's what Vivien has to say about her passion for cake decorating:

Ever since I can remember, I was always hovering around my mum and grandmother whenever they were in the kitchen baking. I would pick up little secrets that generations of women who have baked from scratch in their home ovens would discover. From using bread to work out your ovens hot spots, to using a long dowel for rolling the thinnest pastry, they planted the baking seed in my mind very early. Then in 2009, I wanted to make my son's Christening cake, my first fondant covered cake. friends saw it and started asking me to make their cakes. Bespoke Cakes was born. We are on facebook here: with a website coming soon.

I specialize is precision finishes and detailed accents. It could be a car cake made using blueprints from the cars manufacturer, or a wedding cake with hundreds of Swarovski crystals attached one by one. The process and principle is the same. First, I draw a diagram of what I want to achieve. Then I research, research and research more. Before an egg is cracked, I have multiple templates enlarged to the exact size of the finished cake. I use these to work out ratios and scale for height/width/depth of all my details. Where exactly and how far apart are the eyes placed on a Spiderman cake, how wide is a car's bonnet compared to its height off the ground, how tall does each wedding cake tier need to be to balance the width and get the "perfect triangle". Once baked and carved, the secret to the precision finish I achieve, is the undercoat of ganache, my favorite process in cake decorating. A straight edged stainless steel scraper (like a dough scraper) is by far my most used, loved and treasured tool I own. 

I also LOVE making macarons, especially experimenting with new flavours. My latest creations are Midori splice, Sticky date pudding and Maple cinnamon pancake. Nothing says WOW like a macaron tower!

I can't wait to participate in the Cakeriffic Show. A one-of-a-kind trade and display show for businesses, bakeries and the public. I look forward to learning new things in cake decorating and sharing the passion with others. I can just feel the room will be buzzing with cake talk! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

starting on Monday

Week-daily showcases of Australian cake designers and decorators will be starting on Monday 25th Feb - hope you check back then.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Welcome to the first post for Cakeriffic.
This blog will showcase the creativity of cake artists from around Australia (perhaps one or two from overseas here and there).
It's a blog to feature new ideas and techniques.
Updated every weekday. Enjoy.