Monday, June 3, 2013


Top of the morning to you all! Which leads me nicely into this week's topic of "cake toppers". There are a number of people making cake toppers now - many of them from polymer clay and some from fondant.

Polymer clay is a man-made plastic clay that you bake in your home oven to harden. 
If you want to have a go yourself, then it is a wise move to place the polymer clay thingie you are baking into an oven bag, a container with a lid (that you never again use for food) or have a polymer-clay dedicated baking oven (this is the option for those who use polymer clay a lot).

Anyway on with the show:
I would love to show you the work of Noemi, however I cannot copy her images so you'll have to wander over to her flickr site and have a squiz yourself.

There's incredible variety in wedding cake toppers these days. For a totally unconventional approach to wedding cake toppers, Indigo Twin (Cortney Rector and Kirsten Arundt) have some pretty fun and funky ones - I bet you never thought of Hedgehogs In Love, Purple Squid In Love or even Tropical Kissing Fish! 

These seahorses look a wee bit startled - bet they never thought they'd be featured on a wedding cake!

Cutie-pie elephants are an unusual option.

Here's a couple of I-deers for you (sorry my bad):

I guess they may be someone out there having a goth wedding who might see the humour in these skellies and they look happy enough in their own way (actually the more I look at them the more hilarious I think they are!):

Have a top day!

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