Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More robots

I can't get enough of these robot cakes - how great are they! I just love them.
There's so many that I like so I'm just going to put them all in 'cause I cannot decide which ones to leave out.

above - Topsy Turvy cakes in Utah, USA

Above from Bella Stella Bakery in Colorado, USA
Below from Jamie Heap at The Sugar Shack:

I love the look on the faces of these.

This one is by Mel who lives somewhere in Australia and has a blog called Baking Miscellany.

How funny is this red robot from Hurry Up Cakes - and she has some pictures of how she made it too.

This next one was made by a mum:

I've found so many robot cakes and they are so darn cute that I may have to continue this for the rest of the week!

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