Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lifelike toppers

Half-way through the  week and I'm continuing with the 
"toppers" theme. From Thumbprint Kids comes these quite life-like wedding cake toppers.
Dawn Stubitsch is the creator of these unique and individual toppers. She makes these from photographs to not only resemble a couple but also to reflect their hobbies, interests and career. 

Look at how well Dawn has captured the likeness of the couple in this next picture.

It's quite difficult to capture a person's likeness especially if there is nothing outstanding about them. If they have a big nose or bushy eyebrows or a pronounced chin, then it's not so difficult because you just accentuate those features - much as a cartoonist would - so I admire the skill of this artist in capturing the likeness of these "plain" looking people so well.

Dawn also has a page where she shows you step-by-step how she creates her individual toppers from polymer clay.

She says:
Each figure undergoes many stages and trips to the oven for baking. Each baking prevents the previous work from being damaged. The tiny faces are the most time consuming aspect of the project. The heads are about 1 inch high so very tiny tools and a magnifier are used to sculpt the details in each cake topper figure.

Awesome job! (check out her sculpture page for some completely different work from her).

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