Monday, May 20, 2013

Playing house

This week I'm indulging in one of my favourite things - houses.
In my first year of school in England (many moons ago) I drew a picture of a house which the teacher pinned to the board. I'd never had a picture displayed anywhere in public before. Not even at home.Wasn't done back then.
We didn't have a fridge to attach things to - cold enough in the little part of the house between the entry door and the front door to store our milk etc. (which was usually bought daily or in the case of meat, delivered by the butcher's boy on a bike), and it follows that there were of course therefore, no fridge magnets.
This displaying of my house picture was a big event in my small life and has stayed with me ever since.
So I like houses.
And here's some house cakes that I like (enjoy!):

From Marney Cakes:

From Charm City Cakes

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