Friday, May 24, 2013

Final house day

This is the final day of my "houses" theme on the blog and I thought I'd do something a bit lateral to cakes. 
Packaging. Yep - cartons, bags, packets - things you put stuff in and specifically things you put cakes in and even more specific than that - house shaped bags/cartons, packets.
I've noticed that you have to buy these cartons in large quantities so why not make them yourself.
Here's a basic pattern for a house-shaped box and if you make the sides a bit deeper then the house will be taller.

You can also download this next house box pattern from Rabbit Laser USA

So here's some decorating ideas:
A nice house with a picket fence from

An old fashioned "shop" container from Alibaba.

Or this cutie-pie from Damask Love which she made herself using rubber stamps:

Here's some more to give you ideas.

Another cute Gable House box from Lisa Dorsey:

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