Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello Monday

The "theme" thing worked so well for me last week that I'm going to do it again.
Ahem...this week's theme is "cartoon characters".
Today I'll be looking at "Hello Kitty".
I've seen this character a few times in cakes and here's a couple of examples (if you go to their websites you'll get a tutorial too!)

This first "standing" one is from Gina Rouchy of Gina's Cakes and you'll find the tutorial here.

From Deborah Hwang Cakes this cake also has a very good detailed tutorial and perhaps a bit easier than the one above:

Here's her other version (oops - she has no whiskers!).
I like the tiny dots to represent stitches - it's a nice detail.

Check out Deborah's other tutorials - she has a neat way of decorating cakes using paper templates that you could apply to any theme.

And from Bakerella some darn cute Hello Kitty pops. 
There are a couple of how-to pics here including how they made those ears.

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