Monday, May 6, 2013

Sporty cakes

The DH and I were over at some friends' house last night for dinner and board games. We played one of those games that requires you to have some knowledge of world events and other stuff.

Now I'm pretty good at the entertainment questions and the art and literature questions don't faze me at all; I have a fair knowledge of history and can wing it a bit with science, but sport (pulls face and grimaces!) now there's a challenge.

One of my Cakeriffic facebook page's newest likers is All Things Sweet from Western Australia, so I scooted over to her page to check out her cakes.
Along with a lot of other great looking (and no doubt, great-tasting) cakes, Lydia has some great sporty type cakes  for guys (see how I made a link there).
Here's just a few of them:

Yes they are very blokey, but with a son turning 18 in about 4 weeks and the other turning 21 in October, I need inspiration and ideas!

Have a great day everyone.

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