Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's just peanuts.

I'm having a trip down memory lane back to the days when there were no computers and no internet, no smarty phones and we got a lot of our advice about life from the newspapers - and especially from the "funnies" and more specifically from the "Peanuts" cartoon strip with Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

First up is from Tiffany's Baking Co.

From the Charlie Brown Cafe in Hong Kong (yes there really is one!) come these desserts which have chocolate moulded faces on top.

This cute-as Charlie and Snoopy from Cake Love:

From the Cake Bar comes these great cake pops:

Lots of really good Snoopy cookies from A Dozen Eggs Bake Shoppe (they mention that they use a projector - so I think they project the image onto the undecorated cookie and trace the outlines with the icing bag:

And finally from Pink Apron:

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