Monday, May 13, 2013

Autumn Monday

I love Autumn - it's my favourite time of year. The colours in the trees are truly awesome.
These two photos are by Cathy Daulman and they were taken up in The Dandenongs, Victoria, Australia which is where I live.

So it got me wondering what sort of Autumn-themed cakes there are.

I found this lovely tree house one on Cake Central and it is by Truong (couldn't find out anything more about her)

The above is from Kelly's Sweet Creations who I believe is in the USA.

This last one is from Top Wedding Cakes Creations
who I believe is either in England or Australia because they are saying "Autumn" and not "Fall", however, it's difficult to know as their "about" page and their "info" page contain absolutely no info whatsoever (I flamin' hate that!).

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