Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Doing a theme this week on houses (see yesterday's post) and today's house offerings are in the form of cake pops.

I've made a few cake pops over the last couple of years - mostly at Christmas time -  and I think these would be a good house-warming gift.

Here's a couple from Vypassetti Cake Pops in the USA:

Here's one with a roof made from what looks like some sort of wafer - it's from Lil' Cutie Pops in New Jersey USA:

Whilst not strictly speaking a "house", Big Ben however, is part of the Houses of Parliament (see what I did there) and this one is from KC Bakes (I like the double-decker bus too).

I found these ones at From Rosie's Kitchen in England and she did make them for a house-warming party:

Make sure you check out Rosie's facebook page as she has lots of great cake pops on there.

Until tomorrow...

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