Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh my giddy Aunt!

Here's something that made me laugh and grimace at the same time!
My niece Hana Owen has made a few cakes for family occasions (she made a brilliant one for her Dad's 60th which was all the lads from The Young Ones sitting on a couch watching the tv. - note if you were born after 1982 google "The Young Ones"). 

She has done a few now and for someone who hasn't done any classes, she's pretty good.


These I thought were definitely not up to her usual standard (I think they are supposed to be those angry bird thingies)

I saw this and I thought "Oh my giddy Aunt, Hana's lost the plot!" (or words to that effect):

and then...

it got worse:

However all was revealed when I read what she had to say about the cake and the "helpers" she had (note that Lincoln is Hana's nephew and is 3 years old. I haven't a clue who "Jhyyyve Turkey" is and only hope that it really isn't the real name of a child!")

Hana wrote: 
"What started out as innocent activity time became an angry bird massacre. It was chaos & it was freakin awesome - With my new little minion/apprentice/accomplices Stinkin' Lincoln & Jhyyyve Turkey."

My sister-in-law Beth, has nicely topped it off with these words (my maiden name is Owen):
"And every Owen perfectionist is having a meltdown just looking at it! But what fun!"

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