Monday, April 22, 2013

Cake the emag

Really late with my posting today. The phone hasn't stopped ringing this morning (note to self - make lots of money and hire a secretary).

Anyway on with today:
I thought I'd do a bit of promotion for the free yes FREE online magazine from the Australian Cake Decorating Network called "Cake" (what else!).
You can learn how to make these cute figures in a tutorial from Rouvelee's Cakes

There's also a tutorial for pineapple loving people in the shape of a pineapple cake by The Cupcake Lady - this one puts the "Big Pineapple" in Queensland to shame!

Lots of Mothers Day cake ideas including some lovely cupcakes from Carina's Cupcakes in the UK.
Here's an example of the sort of things they do:

Paul Bradford is a cake teacher in England and he has a tutorial for the yummiest looking chocolate cake I've seen in a while - I'm going to give this one a go.
So for all these things and so much more - lots and lots of piccies of fabulous cakes - make sure you have a look at "Cake".

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