Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Today something a wee bit different - the sheep I made for Easter. I didn't have any cake pop sticks and was a bit inspired by those sheep I posted about last week. 
I made these on Good Friday - all the shops were shut so I just used what I had in the cupboards.
I took photos along the way so here we go:

Here's what you need:

white choc melts

Rainbow choc chips - very small for the eyes.

dessicated (or as I prefer to think of it - desecrated!) coconut.
You also need some white fondant and cake pop mixture.
I use mud cake with ganache mixed in.

Here's my mug cake and ganache mixture.

You need a tablespoonful - flatten the cake pop mixture across the top of the spoon - this is plenty.
These are very rich so you don't want them too big.
Roll into a ball then into a "barrel" shape.

Here's a few on a plate ready for dipping. 

Using a bamboo skewer pierce them into the top and at one end.

Melt your white choc in a bowl (over hot water or in the microwave) and put the coconut in another bowl.

Dip your cake pop into the white chocolate but leave a small area around the stick uncovered. This is where we will attach the head.

knock off the excess chocolate and roll into the coconut covering the white chocolate.


Use a fork to extract the stick from the cake pop.

Here's a bunch of headless sheep!

Take a piece of white fondant and make the above shape. Press it onto the body.

Press with your fingers to "round" the fondant onto the sheep's body.

Using a knife make the above marks for a mouth and nose.

Using your melted chocolate, glue two of the rainbow choc chips on for eyes.

Here's a herd of sighted but deaf sheep!

Make two long sausage shapes for ears. Add a bit of melted chocolate for glues and attach the ears. Bend them down and pinch the ends slightly.

Here's a herd of sheep (finally!)

I made one with horns, coloured a bit of coconut green and put them out to pasture.
I think they could be better if the fondant was coloured a pale brown or they had a bit of blush in their cheeks.

Here's a sheep that went wrong! Looks like a guinea pig!

Here's a whole bunch of very baaaad sheep!
These ones just didn't work out at all! grin.

Mr and Mrs Cake-pop Sheep.
(they were yummy by the way!).

Have a great day!

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