Thursday, April 18, 2013

so this is what I made...

...and it's not up to my usual standards. Excuse being that I had to go out and do some work-related stuff and by the time I got back, well, time was limited.
So I had defrosted two 20cm round mudcakes and I didn't have any ganache so I just threw in a bit of condensed milk which made it pretty sticky.
I lined a bowl with some clingwrap and pressed in the mixture.

Popped it in the fridge while I peeled the potatoes for dinner.

Got the bowl out of the fridge and pulled out the mudcake mixture base for the igloo. Added an entrance from a bit of mixture that I saved.

Made up some buttercream and slathered it on.

I have to say that I admire those people who can make buttercream go on smoothly 'cause it was a bugger of a job!
And I didn't do it very well at all.

 I used a toothpick to make the lines for the bricks.

Then I discovered that I didn't have any fondant so googled it and came up with a recipe using condensed milk - heck I had a tin of that open and ready to go.
Unfortunately I didn't have much icing sugar so what started as a large amount of fondant mixture ended up being a large amount of sticky mess and one small ball of tacky fondant. 
Popped the small ball in the fridge while I made the Yorkshire pudding mixture for dinner.

When it had firmed up a bit I made a polar bear cub with licorice for the nose and the claws (yes it's a cub because my dh pointed out to me that the ears were wrong and the snout was too short and ...).
So there it was.

Family was too full of roast dinner to eat any of it (so they claim!). Having it tonight! Oh yes we are!

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