Friday, April 12, 2013

Biscuit or cookie?

Having started my life in Old Blighty (what the poms affectionately call their "green and pleasant land") - heck now I've burst into my personal rendition of "Land of Hope and Glory"...sorry I digress.
Where was I?...oh yes having been born in England, the term "cookie" is a bit foreign to me.
We baked and ate BISCUITS and I will do so forever. 

I was therefore happy to find The Iced Biscuit (rather than "the iced cookie" - there's likely a business out there somewhere called the frosted cookie).

Despite the size of the picture these teapot biscuits are a big 11 x 12cm in size.

I like the bold designs of these.
And here's some for the little girls too:

Have just looked at Jacqui's facebook page and she does really lovely cakes too. You need to look in her "cake album".

Have a great weekend everyone!

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