Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Animal macarons

The first macarons I ever had were made by my friend Renee.
She made pink ones and green ones, they were soft and scrummy. Totally more-ish! 
I'm going to have a go at them, but I do love a bit of "variation" on a theme - these macarons look relatively easy for a newbie like me:

The ones above are from House of Royal Velvet in Western Australia (btw they have others with delicious flavours such as Blueberry, Grape, White Chocolate, Strawberry & Rosewater)

The ones below are from Raspberri Cupcakes - there's a how-to for these cute Koalas on there). 

i Heart Baking has these cute Hello Kitty macarons and a how-to on her blog here.
I don't know where she is based but assume it is the USA.

Finally, I googled "animal macarons" and Raspberri Cupcakes came up trumps again with these cuties:

yes she shows you how to here.

I'm quickly becoming a fan of her blog. I like her "way with words" and she often gives how-tos on her blog.

I'm going along to like her facebook page right now...

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