Tuesday, March 19, 2013

smashing cakes!

Something a lot different - Naughty Nush Smash Cakes! (which strictly speaking are not cakes at all).
Have you ever been to a party with a pinata - those cardboard thingies you wack with a baseball bat and lollies fall out, well that's the idea here except - these are made from chocolate!

Who hasn't revelled in the sound that Easter eggs make when you crack them open - I'm guessing that this would be similar.

I cannot think of an occasion that you wouldn't want one of these "cakes" and had to share the following testimonial from their site:

“For five years KOALA Kids searched for something by which children and young people in cancer treatment and their families could celebrate special milestones and birthdays in Childrens Cancer Centres.  Naughty Nush Smash Cakes have provided more distraction and joy than one could ever imagine.”
Amanda Mandie, KOALA Kids co founder

Here's "Naughties" facebook.

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