Thursday, March 7, 2013

Delicious flavours

My old mum was talking to me the other day about all the cakes she used to make for weddings and birthdays etc.
And I have to say they were pretty good for someone who'd never had a formal lesson. She is a stickler for presentation and her cakes reflected this.
She made a comment about the ingredients being quite expensive today and of course she was talking about the dried fruit she used back then because all the wedding cakes were fruit cakes.
I did explain that things have moved on since her day (you know, back when the animals emerged from the ark! - just kidding Mum) and now they use a lot of mud cake mixes.

Of course I also explained that there were lots of flavours and here's one I hadn't heard of before - choc cherry mud cake mix.
How yum does that sound. Although I have found that you either love cherries or you don't.
Hunting through my list of cake suppliers I'm happy to see that Choice Cakes in Chirnside Park Vic sell the choc cherry mud cake along with some other flavours (I'm happy because they aren't far from my house).
They also have an impressive range of moulds - oh I must tell you about the moulds I bought at a garage sale actually I'll keep that for another day.
Choice Cakes sell lots of stuff to help you in your cake-decorating travels and yes they also make cakes.

You can go like them on face book too.
Did I mention - they'll be at Cakeriffic in August.

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