Friday, March 8, 2013

Shameless self-promotiion

I have decided that today I am going to do a wee bit of shameless self-promotion (and trust me, it is only a wee bit!).

For all those doubting Thomases out there who think I may never have decorated a cake - given my previous comments about buttercream ruffles - I'm here to dispel that myth.
Well...nearly dispel it.

The closest I have come to cake decoration is these two guys that I made for someone's wedding cake.
I have no idea who's wedding it was, as I did it for a favour for Laura of La Belle Cakes.

These cake toppers are made from aluminium foil and polymer clay - except for her veil which is tuille and that wee plastic tiara. It's difficult to see, but her wedding dress is lacey and his suit has pinstripes. The groom also has sunglasses which he wears on his head backwards (the "cool way" - if you know what I mean).

Just a note on polymer clay and food - you should not have polymer clay come into contact with food so if you are making cake toppers from polymer clay or you have ordered polymer clay cake toppers, please make sure they are on a separate base and not in contact with the edible parts of the cake. 
Use a card or plastic base of some sort.

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