Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday pops!

Slept in for a while this morning as I was away all weekend in Bendigo with the papercraft expo I run so a bit weary. All good though. Had a great weekend and now back to cakes!

Today a wee bit different - Cake pops!
I love them and... yes I have made them. I know you're surprised but every Christmas (for the last 2 anyway) I have made reindeer cake pops using strips of licorice for antlers (I'll show you how when we get near Christmas).

Boutique Cake Designs by Jojo has some gorgeous cake pops on her website and also on her facebook site.

Jojo also does cakes, macarons, cupcakes and heaps of other stuff - best to go to her website to have a lookie.

Here's a couple of cake pops to entice you.

Just had another squiz and cannot resist showing you these cupcake bouquets which are stunning:

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