Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thursday ramblings

I didn't post yesterday - first day I've missed since starting back in February. Sorry for that - had a ton of pressing issues to resolve and still working through some of them.

On to today's offerings. Thought I'd continue with P. Rabbit and friends - when you're on a good thing - well, I like it!

From The Art of the Cookie come these nicely iced creations. 

Cakes by Emma Kate have these cookies which are decorated with printed edible images direct from the books.

Here's some more iced cookies with lots of designs from Sweet Bella Bakery:

Shortbread biscuits made using biscuit moulds. from a page dedicated to Beatrix Potter. There's some beautiful photographs on here of animals and gardens.

And to finish off for today, from Lily's Cookies these lovely creations:

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