Thursday, July 18, 2013

lucky cookie elephants

I love the gold decoration on these elephant cookies found at Shaadi Curry and made by Baked.
And trunks up means good luck.

Sugar Mama Cookies made these for a baby shower and I like the way she's done the 2 shades of pink icing and then swapped them around:

These next elephant cookies are very lucky - look at those trunks - and I love their simple childish shapes. These are from Heavenly Bites Cakes.

Wilton has this elephant head cookie which is another option instead of the whole body.

You gotta love these colourful Indian elephants from the Marry Me wedding blog. Here's what they say about elephants and Indian weddings:

Elephants are considered to be very sacred and symbolize good luck and prosperity; hence they are usually a part of most Indian weddings. 
Elephants were a must at royal weddings in olden times and kings and Nawabs used to ride on elephants to their wedding venues to symbolize their power.

I hope an elephant crosses your path today for good luck!

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