Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Buzzing around some more

Thanks to Kelley Ivan from Bella Cake Art in Lilydale Vic., who sent me this link to her Bee Cake:

Go and check out Kelley's other work - her cakes are awesome and Bella Cake Art is one of our traders at the upcoming Cakeriffic expo.

These next two remind me of the wee insects from the tv show "Miniscule".
Have you seen that - it's very funny. It's about insects doing all sorts of things. The insects are animated against real backgrounds and they are often peering over things with their big eyes.
 First up is this bee cake from Mary's Cake Shop in California

This next piccie also reminds me of the insects from Miniscule
This is a page worth looking at because they have done a complete birthday bee theme from invites and costumes to black and yellow lollies, banners, balloons and party favours!

Here's their decorated cookies... 

...and their bee pops.

I have a buzzy day ahead so gotta go.

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