Monday, December 16, 2013

Santa Hat Cake Pops

Hi, I thought I'd give you another quick and easy tutorial for
 Santa Hat cake pops. I made some of these last week. 
Very simple to make.

You need some mini-marshmallows like these:

White chocolate melts:

You also need red candy colouring, 

cake pop mixture, white fondant (any brand will do)

 and cake pop sticks.

Pick out the white marshmallows from the bag. 
Cut them in half with scissors.

Shape your cake pop mixture into cone shapes and set aside to cool in the fridge. I used chocolate cake pop mixture but you can use whichever you fancy.

"Glue" the end of the stick into the cake pop by dipping it into melted chocolate and inserting in the base of the hat shape.

Melt the white chocolate and colour it with some red candy colouring, until you get a good colour.

Dip the cake pop into the melted chocolate. 
Tap it gently to shale off excess chocolate. Hold it upside down so that the excess chocolate runs off the point. 
This gives you a good thickness of chocolate at the point 
and helps the marshmallow to stick.
Put a marshmallow half on the point of the hat. 
Put aside to set.

Take a small piece of your fondant and shape it into a long roll. Press it onto the base of the hat as shown -

That's it! easy-peasy and looks good.


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