Monday, December 9, 2013

Reindeer cake pops tutorial

I've been making these reindeer cake pops every year for the past few years and they go down well with adults as well as kids. Our American friends use pretzels for antlers, but I don't really like pretzels so I came up with these licorice antlers which are easy to make.

I use a chocolate mudcake mixed with chocolate ganache, but if you prefer a different flavour cake that's okay with me. 
The cake can also be mixed with cream cheese or icing (frosting) if you prefer. 
Prepare your cake pop mixture, I measure a tablespoonful and then roll into balls. Dip the end of a popstick into melted chocolate and insert into one end. Chill them for a wee while.

This is something you can do whilst sitting in front 
of the tv one evening.

You'll need a packet of this licorice and small sharp scissors:

You get 2 rolls in the packet and this will make lots of antlers.
Using scissors, begin by cutting a piece from the roll about 4.5 centimetres. Cut this piece lengthways into strips:

Cut each strip down the middle almost to the bottom, like these "Y" shapes here:

Cut a small piece from one side of the strip:

Using your index finger and thumb, roll up the shorter side so it looks like these (looks like a fishing rod): 

Using the same method, roll up the other side 
of the licorice strip:

Here's a close-up. You'll see that the lower side is beginning to uncurl. This happens with some of them - it depends upon how fresh the licorice is. 

I quite like the variation in the antlers, with some of them coming unrolled as you can see in the next piccie - I did a few here with three rolled up parts to them ('cause I could!): 

This is another job for the evening television viewing.
For this you'll need a packet of white ready-to-roll fondant 
and a tub of these Rainbow choc chips 
- find both things in the supermarket.

Roll tiny balls of white fondant and drop them onto a plate.
The rainbow choc chips have a pointed end - press a rainbow choc chip into the fondant ball pointed end first so that you get a nice round eye.
Here's my lovely blue and green eyes:

Rachel was helping me this day and here's her yellow!, orange!, purple!, and red! eyes!
Now I ask you, apart from when they are caught in headlights or have their photo taken with your mobile phone, when do reindeer have these strangely coloured eyes!!!???

Put the eyes in a container to harden up (eat all the yellow, red, orange and purple eyes that your friend has made!).

Buy some m&ms and sort out the red ones. Easy-peasy.

You'll need some chocolate Melts and a block of copha.

Melt the chocolate melts with about a quarter of the copha in the microwave or in a bowl over a pan of hot water.

Retrieve your cake pops from the fridge and have the antlers ready. You may like to pair up the antlers before you begin (not necessary, but appeals to those 
who have an issue with symmetry).

Before you dip, press the top of the cake pop slightly with your thumb to flatten it a bit (easier for the antlers to stay on).

Dip the cake pop into the melted chocolate making 
sure you cover the whole thing. 
Tap your wrist to shake off the excess chocolate.

Place an antler on the top of the head leaving enough room for the other antler and gently push it into the chocolate. 
Do the same for the other one. 
Work quickly before the chocolate sets.

You may like to do all the antlers on all the heads before moving on to noses and eyes.

 Add a dob of melted chocolate for the nose. 
Push the m&m on making sure you have the side 
without the letter "m" on it facing outwards. 

You might like to pair up the eyes so that you 
don't panic while the chocolate is setting.
Add two dobs of melted chocolate for the eyes. 
Gently press the eyes onto the melted chocolate.

Here's some of this year's herd:


Here's a couple from last year. 
I used edible pen for mouths but it was difficult 
to get it looking good -
perhaps they have improved edible pens since then!

Cute-as. Enjoy!

Send your piccies of your reindeer cake pops and indeed any other Christmas cakepops, cookies or cakes that you are making for this festive season and we'll feature them on the blog and the facebook page.

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