Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Year

I see that my last post was concerning my twin brother, Phil.
Sadly, he passed away on Christmas Day. He had oesophageal cancer which he had been battling since September 2012.
I do not believe that he was in any pain as I spent most of the his last few days with him. It was however, harrowing to watch him deteriorate and face the inevitable outcome.
He was a loyal brother and fought against this terrible disease as much as he could bear to.
I had spent 2 hours in the morning with him and gone home to make the Christmas dinner at ten am. I told Phil that I would be back between 2 and 3 and arrived back at the Palliative care hospital at 2.40pm. He died at 2.30pm. 
He was a moderate person and private about a lot of things emotional and perhaps his passing was something he felt he also had to do privately.

It has been a few weeks since this happened and apart from the odd meltdown, life must go on and in fact I am thankful for the "normality" of life and for the jobs and pastimes that are with us each day and that we must move through in order to "get things done" as it were.

The info for Cakeriffic has gone out to the traders and we are all looking forward to a brilliant expo with lots more traders as well as a cake competition (and we are also doing the photo cake wall again!).
Mark it in your diaries - 18th −20th July.

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