Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Here be dragons.

I came across a couple of dragon cakes on Pinterest and thought I'd google to see if there were any others.
WOW! Of course there are heaps! (duh!)
Here's just some of the ones I like a lot.

This one is by Dawn Butler of 
Dawn has lots of photos of cakes on her facebook page. 
Well worth a look.

Mike's Amazing Cakes in the USA are just that - totally amazing including this awesome dragon.
With over 39,000 likes on their facebook page, I think I'll have to dedicate a few posts just to them.

I love this next one. It's so darn cute!
I found it here and I just love the expression 
on the face and the big fat body.

Another green dragon with a cartoon-like feel to it.
This one is a cake topper and I found it here.

This awesome green dragon cake was made by a very talented Canadian baker named Rita at the Touché Touchet bakery in Columbia, Maryland. Large enough to feed 50 people, every inch of the cake is edible. The dragon’s skull and free-standing spines were made using chocolate. Everything else is cake and icing and it all looks ferociously delicious. 

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